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Netsuite and Capgemini partner to bring Cloud ERP and Procurement to Global Enterprises

14 May 2013

Capgemini IBX Business Network, one of the world’s foremost providers of cloud solutions for eProcurement and NetSuite Inc., leading provider of cloud-based financial / ERP software suites, today announced a partnership to bring together Capgemini IBX Business Network´s deep experience and global presence, with NetSuite’s leadership, being a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) company. The partnership will provide companies the flexibility, scalability and power of cloud ERP, with best-of-breed eProcurement solutions in the cloud.

The companies will integrate NetSuite with Capgemini’s IBX Purchase-to-Pay and IBX Supplier Network. This gives customers clear visibility across suppliers, through procurement and related processes, such as invoicing and customer order management. Benefits of the joint Capgemini IBX Business Network /NetSuite offering:

  • A consumerized shopping experience for employees, managing multiple requisitions through an easy-to-use interface, searching and browsing rich content and imaging of products and assortments, fully integrated with the NetSuite Employee Center leveraging the powers of Capgemini IBX Purchase-to-Pay, proven to drive up employee productivity, contract compliance and engagement.agile
  • Fast and fluent supplier collaboration or enablement for the professional buyer through the Capgemini IBX Supplier Network, also tightly integrated with the user interfaces of NetSuite. Connect with the hundreds of thousands of suppliers already participating in the IBX Supplier Directory, post open requests on the network or simply invite your existing suppliers to create rich catalogs, receive orders and send invoices, all managed in one place.

The joint offering is highly scalable and adds value to customers in all segments; Enterprise, Midmarket as well as Small Businesses. General availability of the joint Capgemini IBX/NetSuite offer to new and existing customers is anticipated during the second half of 2013.

“This is a great opportunity for both our companies and customers. Partnering with NetSuite gives us the ability to offer our analyst awarded and customer recognized eProcurement solutions in the cloud to customers of all sizes on a leading customizable ERP-platform-, also in the cloud”, says Nicklas Brändström, CEO, IBX Business Network at Capgemini.

The disclosed offering of Capgemini IBX Business Network and NetSuite described above, is one  of several components in a larger partnership between Capgemini´s BPO-organisation and NetSuite, being announced today. Capgemini BPO has chosen NetSuite to power their BPO Virtual Company solution, offered within their Global Enterprise Model (GEM). GEM is Capgemini’s unique intellectual property and provides a framework for the optimal combination of: talent, location, process best practice, technology, and pricing for a client specific scenario.

  • A solution footprint to power Two-Tier cloud ERP delivery. Cloud ERP can facilitate the launch of new subsidiaries or integration of acquired companies, getting new units up and running quickly without the up-front investment in time and resources of on-premise software. NetSuite and Capgemini provide a powerful combination of governance, business process management, integration, and financial process expertise with the NetSuite OneWorld solution leveraged within subsidiaries and divisions.
  • Agile & flexible managed back office service options. Capgemini’s BPO Virtual Company is a fully managed BPaaS (business process as a service) proposition for fast moving companies who don’t want to own the back office assets for business processing or supporting IT. Capgemini BPO will use NetSuite to power a pre-configured instance of their unique IP for BPO solution deployment, GEM. The Capgemini BPO Virtual Company can support multiple client circumstances such as: Two-Tier ERP, M&A integration scenarios, new territory expansion, product & business incubation, and divisional and regional point solutions for process standardization and best practice.

“We’re thrilled to have Capgemini with its significant business cloud expertise as a partner as we transform the global enterprise software market,” said NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. “Together we can bring the flexibility and agility of the cloud to global organizations, giving them the technology, experience and insight to succeed.”

“Partnering with NetSuite gives us a proven, customizable ERP cloud solution that answers a rapidly emerging need from global businesses seeking to adapt to the fast evolving global economy.  Our joint offerings will enrich and broaden Capgemini´s leading cloud and ERP related services in consulting, implementation, and in back office services around procurement and finance and accounting,” says Hubert Giraud, CEO of Global Business Process Outsourcing at Capgemini.

For questions on the partnership announcement in regards to Capgemini IBX Business Network, please contact

[1] A two-tier ERP solution allows business customers to retain their centralized “on-premise” ERP investments, but at the same time empowers their subsidiaries or business divisions with a cloud-based ERP/financials system tailored to their exact needs and local office requirements. In simpler terms, the typical two-tier model deploys an agile cloud ERP at the subsidiary levels that integrates with the technology suites or other ERP instance at business headquarters.