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IBX top 5 European Access Point for PEPPOL

06 May 2014

PEPPOL is an network of service providers (access points) which provides IT transport infrastructure enablement for eProcurement using standardized electronic document formats. Thanks to the network, users (senders and receivers)  process electronic invoices from different access points, without being required to use the same provider.

“Because IBX is a gateway to the PEPPOL network, our customers get faster return on investment.” says Dan Mattsson, Product Manager at IBX Business Network. Suppliers connected to IBX Business Network can send electronic invoices, both nationally and internationally, to their customers on other networks via PEPPOL.

Among the over 10.000 organizations on the PEPPOL network, approximately 10 % come from the public sector, while approximately 90 % are private, with 50% of the transactions being Business-to-Government, and the remainder being  Business-to-Business.

There are currently 72 approved access points across Europe, with IBX leading the pack with a yearly e-invoice growth rate of 77%. PEPPOL aims to tear down geographical boundaries and limitations between service providers, paving the way for mainstream adoption of electronic invoicing.