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Capgemini Group confirms leadership team appointments

14 Jun 2016

Patrick Nicolet, formerly Head of the Infrastructure Services business, continues to be a member of the Group Executive Board , in charge of the newly created Competitiveness central department that encompasses Delivery, Industrialization and Procurement. Patrick also now oversees Capgemini’s India operations.

In addition to the global Financial Services business, Thierry Delaporte now oversees Capgemini’s Latin America operations. He has joined the Group Executive Board.

Aruna Jayanthi, formerly Head of Capgemini in India, has taken charge of a new global Business Services unit which combines Capgemini’s BPO organization and IGATE ’s Integrated Technology and Operations Solution (ITOPs) business. Aruna remains on the Group Executive Committee .

Srinivas Kandula, formerly Chief People Officer at IGATE, has replaced Aruna as Head of Capgemini in India and has thus joined the Group Executive Committee.

Srikanth Iyengar, who was leading Europe & Australia at IGATE, is now Capgemini’s Group Sales Director and has become a member of the Group Executive Committee.

He replaces Paul Nannetti who now leads the Cloud Infrastructure Services business.

Dee Burger, formerly Head of Capgemini Consulting’s North America operation, is now in a new Group role as Head of Digital Services and has joined the Group Executive Committee.

Finally, Virginie Regis has succeeded Philippe Grangeon as Group Marketing & Communications Director and has joined the Group Executive Committee. Philippe Grangeon has taken on the role of special advisor to the Chairman and CEO, Paul Hermelin.

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1 – The Group Executive Board comprises the Chairman & CEO plus six individuals. It is in charge of the Group’s operations and preparing Executive Committee meetings

2 – IGATE, a prominent US-listed technology and services company headquartered in New Jersey (US), was acquired by Capgemini in 2015 and now operates under the Capgemini name.

3 – The Group Executive Committee comprises the Chairman & CEO plus 21 executives (including the Group Executive Board members). It ensures that strategic plans are properly implemented and effectively carried out operationally