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GEN EV: A Generative Design Challenge for Electric Vehicles

Generative AI and design tools are changing the world, especially in the automotive industry. The cars of the future will be designed by both smart AI and creative humans.

Are you ready for a design challenge that offers more than just a competition? Join us, and you’ll embark on an incredible learning journey led by industry experts. Dive into this challenge and stand a chance to win some cool prizes!

Applied Innovation Exchange Mumbai has an extraordinary opportunity exclusively for MIT Pune students. Here, you can demonstrate your skills, gain hands-on experience, and connect with seasoned professionals in a high-energy, collaborative environment.

Challenge statement:

Use Generative AI to design a passenger mover or MPV Electric Vehicle featuring innovations in space optimization, sustainability and passenger comfort.

Why You Should Join:

1. Be Innovative: Use industry disrupting tech such as Gen Design to innovate!

2. Learn: Get mentored by industry experts from the design and automotive industry

3. Network: Connect with auto industry professionals, mentors, and potential employers.

4. Win Big: Get a chance to win grants, recognition, and exciting opportunities.

5. Inspire: Winning design and their prototypes will be showcased at Applied Innovation Exchange Lab in India.

Keep an eye on your email for the kick-off session schedule.

Your Design Challenge Journey: Step by Step!

Gather 3-4 friends who are eager to solve problems. Pick one person to lead your group. Team members should be from the MIT Institute of Design

Attend mentoring calls with Capgemini’s expert team twice a month

When you take part in this challenge and create your design, it’s not just about adding it to your portfolio. Your solution, with guidance from Capgemini Experts, could inspire a whole industry. The designs that win will be displayed at the Applied Innovation Exchange lab in India. 

The top teams will present their final designs to a panel of judges. Impress them with your creativity and problem-solving skills. If your team is among the top three, you’ll win prizes and get recognized!

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