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Consumers value simplicity. In a landscape of unparalleled complexity and never-before-seen challenges, how can retailers deliver?

The upcoming Consumer Goods Forum: Global Summit 2023 in Kyoto has an ambitious goal: to unite the global industry in pursuit of a more harmonious future for people and planet. They have program centered around new strategies for global retailing and manufacturing. We’ll be there with timely insights on the challenges and solutions of the day.

Retailers are enmeshed in multiple global crises, including:

  • Ongoing effects of the pandemic and lockdowns
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Military conflicts
  • Rising energy prices
  • Climate emergency

Such unprecedented challenges are reshaping the global retail landscape, creating new digital ecosystems and with them, countless opportunities for retailers to meet and exceed customer expectations. With everything happening everywhere, channel-less, these are opportunities few can afford to miss.

Special session: Everything, everywhere, all at once
Building the global capability to compete and win in a channel-less world

Don’t miss our conversation with Nestlé – the consumer goods company with the largest turnover in the world today. We’ll be discussing the rise in digital shopping, the changes in customer expectations, and the dramatic shift this has led to, in the global retail landscape. Beyond omnichannel, channel-less commerce models blur the lines between media channels and sales channels, creating new opportunities to meet and exceed consumer expectations at key digital and physical touchpoints along their shopping journey.

In this talk, Nestlé and Capgemini will share insights from our ongoing journey to upgrade Nestlé’s global go-to-market capabilities to partner and win in the new digital ecosystems.


Tim Bridges
Global Sector Lead, Consumer Products and Retail, Capgemini

Owen McCabe
Global Head of Digital Commerce, Capgemini

Jordi Bosch
Group Head of Sales & Customers, Nestlé

Neel Arora
Global Head of Digital Commerce, Nestlé

Everything, everywhere, all at once is happening at:
The Consumer Goods Forum
Global Summit 2023
Kyoto, Japan
Date: June 7, 2023
Time: 1:30 to 2:20 PM, local time

Expert perspectives

Business operations, Digital inclusion

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Abha Singh
Jul 16, 2024

Meet our experts

Tim Bridges

Global Head of Consumer Products & Retail
Tim Bridges leads Capgemini’s Global Sectors and the Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution (CPRD) global sector practice, a portfolio that includes major global retail, fashion, restaurant, consumer products, transportation, and distribution brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Office Depot, Domino’s, and Unilever.

Owen McCabe

Vice President, Digital Commerce – Global Consumer Goods & Retail, Capgemini
Owen is Capgemini’s Global VP for eCommerce. He previously led the Digital Commerce Practice at Kantar and held senior marketing and sales roles at both Procter & Gamble and Nestle. He has domain expertise in eCommerce, digital marketing, brand marketing, route-to-market strategy, and category management. Owen’s passion for digital commerce came about after a private equity assignment in an online travel business.