‘Capgemini definitely has plans to grow the Kolkata operations in 2010 and beyond’
Since it stated its operations in Kolkata in the year 2006, it has grown well in the last three years to reach a staff strength of around 1,000 employees today. ADVANTAGE BENGAL TEAM managed to meet ANISH SARKAR, VICE PRESIDENT & HEAD OF KOLKATA OPERATIONS, CAPGEMINI who shared his thoughts and expectations about the IT industry in Bengal.
What do you feel are the key strengths of Bengal as an IT investment destination?
Large talent pool; lower cost compared to many other cities in India; less saturated IT destination compared to many other cities in India, resulting in lower attrition, better infrastructure availability (power problems in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, water problems in Maharashtra etc.).
Kolkata has the tradition of producing best talent for the IT industry. What are your views on the talent available in the State?
This is indeed one of Bengal’s biggest strengths. In fact, the catchment area for Kolkata and Bengal is the talent pool of the entire eastern India region, which is very significant.
What kind of a role do you envisage for IT bodies like TiE, NASSCOM, and others to promote Bengal as a favourable IT destination in the country?
These bodies have a significant role to play in promoting Bengal. Many other states don’t necessarily need their active support anymore but Bengal does.
How do you foresee the future of the IT sector in Bengal?
Bright in the medium to long term. Once the overall market conditions pick up (and there are already signs of that), Bengal should get back on its growth trajectory.
Do you think that the recent controversies regarding allotment of land to IT companies and scrapping of the IT township project will hit the prospects of the IT industry in Bengal?
Land availability is a very important factor but hopefully, it will not come in the way of Bengal’s development in the medium term.
Please share with us your experiences at Kolkata. What is the present strength of the Kolkata facility? Do you have plans to increase the headcount in the coming years? Share with us some of the expansion / growth plans of the company.
Capgemini set up its Kolkata operations in 2006 and it has grown well in the last 3 years to reach a staff strength of around 1,000 employees today. We are delivering our entire portfolio of IT and BPO services to several marquee customers from our Kolkata centre. Capgemini definitely has plans to grow the Kolkata operation in 2010 and beyond.