Short Description

Z/os programmer – 6 to 9 yrs – Mumbai


any graduate

Job Responsibilities

Senior z/OS System Programmer
Minimum 8+ years of experience as a z/OS Systems Programmer. 
Proven Leadership skills (being able to effectively lead a team of technicians) 
Top level support experience troubleshooting, researching, and resolving complex issues. 
Experienced in Project Management managing projects of mid and high-level complexity
Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines while managing multiple tasks
System builds experience building IPL’able systems, setting up the sysres volumes and the base program products to bring up a system
Ability to work independently and as a team player
Highly skilled with the standard MVS tools: TSO/ISPF, JCL, IBM Utilities, VSAM Utilities, ICF Catalog structure, SDSF, SMF, SYSLOG, etc.
Excellent grasp of system internals and configuration
Proficient with Product Installation and maintenance SMPe and non-SMPe
Experience coding and maintaining Assembler Exits and or programs
Experienced with REXX and CLIST programming
In depth understanding of the MVS subsystems, JES2, VTAM, TCPIP, FTP, CA-1 or equivalent, DASD Storage concepts and the command usage relating to these system components.
English skills: Verbal and Reading Comprehension
Experienced with Disaster Recovery system backup and restore, DR plan creation and maintenance
Client interface skills 
Ability to perform due diligence in support of sales pursuits
In depth JCL knowledge
Batch Abend resolution, Problem determination, Message identification and lookup
MVS Problem Determination identify, escalate and diagnosis
MVS terminology & concepts: For example: Linklst, Apflist, Paging, Virtual storage, SMF
Understanding of system internals 
Advanced SMPE skills commands, terminology, problem determination
IBM Utilities
ICF Catalog structure
VSAM Utilities
Assembler need to be able to look at code and dumps
SDSF output management
System Console skills understanding of what they’re seeing in syslog and what it means. Able to identify error messages and how to look up their meaning.
Hex numbering system
TSOISPF experience
Vendor interaction experience
Senior CICS Systems Programmer
Must have a minimum of 8+ years of experience as a CICS Systems Programmer. 
Must have excellent English skills – verbal, reading, writing, must communicate well with colleagues, must communicate effectively in meetings and on conference lines, must have proven client interface skills.
Proven technical leadership skills 
Excellent grasp of CICS Transaction Server system internals.
Proven independent and direct capability at building, configuring, and upgrading CICS Transaction Server regions in a production environment. 
Deep experience with resource definitions, CSD structure, and CICS utilities
Expertise with Inter-region communication methods
Proficient with associated product installations, applying maintenance, customizing products, configuring products
Proven problem determination skills demonstrating independence and experience in troubleshooting, researching, and resolving complex issues, showing strong ability to utilize system diagnostics to arrive at problem solutions 
Demonstrated strong problem solving skills, including dump reading and use of performance monitors like CA-Sysview. 
Demonstrated ability to support multiple CICS regions across multiple LPARS, this position involves a multi-client, multi-system environment, evidence should be given that the candidate has operated in this type of environment.

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