Short Description

• The candidate should be able to understand the requirements, study the existing trade finance systems at the client location to identify the gaps and recommend the steps to plug the gaps to meet the client requirements.

• Creative approach to solution design. Analytical ability to beak down the business requirements into tasks independent of each other.

• Clear and concise documentation of the functional requirement and diagrammatic representation wherever complex business process is to be elicited.

• Understanding of development lifecycle and technology would be a plus.

• Help the clients with the strategy for migration, deployment and testing.

• Guide the development team and ensure traceability to the client requirement or the given business area/requirement, be the single point of contact for the delivery team.

• Conduct client workshops and have the ability to ask questions relevant to the business area which would help in getting as much clarity on the business requirements as possible.

• Candidate should have good oral and written communication skills

• Requirement Analysis, Solution Design, Conversion of requirements to independent, modular tasks, Guiding the development team to achieve those tasks, Ensuring the direction of delivery is always pointing towards achieving the business requirement, inform clients of any changes or assumptions, document assumptions, out of scope requirements clearly, take sign off from the clients.

• Experience in migration, implementation , customization , detailed requirement gathering, analytical approach to work, would be a plus

• Experience in Agile (SCRUM) as well as Waterfall method of software development will be good

• Latest trends in the trade finance business area – Blockchain , OCR, Robotic Process Automation

• Suggest products to the clients to meet the client requirement based on the awareness of the Trade FInance products landscape.

• Review the test cases prepared by the testing team to ensure the business requirements are met and all the areas critical to the business are covered.

• Be well equipped to discuss, document and ask relevant questions on the business cases with respect to Limits, Contingent Account , Interest Booking/Accrual/Collection, Fee Amortization, Country and Currency Risks, Transactions and Accounting – especially for Trade Finance business, Asset provisioning and classification for trade assets.

• Be aware of the complete end to end flow of a Trade Transaction starting from the time Purchase Order is placed till the time the Realization of proceeds and closure of trade.

• Be aware of the various instruments of payments in Trade like Open Accounts, Advance Payments, Documentary credits, Document Collections.

• Be aware of the various documents like Bill of lading, invoice, insurance certificate and the various stages when these documents are in circulation/process.

• Be aware of the various parties involved in the trade – Reimbursing Bank, Collecting Bank, Advising Bank, Issuing Bank, Confirming Bank, Importer/Buyer, Exporter/Seller, Factor, Insurer, Applicant, Beneficiary

• Have knowledge on the preference for Trade Instruments geography wise.

Job Responsibilities

• Understand the terms like due date, discounting, crystallization, nostro-vostro, amortization, recievable , payable, working capital management, liquidity etc.

• Have worked in five or more of the below Trade Finance modules.

Documentary credits

 Documentary collections

 Open account trade

 Advance payment

 Supply Chain Finance-

Receivable financing – factoring, bill discounting,

 Payable financing – supplier finance, dynamic discounting

Pre shipment credits

 Forward contracts





 Islamic Trade 

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