•          Has overall view on SAP Landscape (BW, HANA, BPC, Basis). Has capability to drive complex issues like performance optimization
  •          SME / Real expert in SAP BI Technical – both Traditional and Go-forward.
  •          Hands-on expertise in SAP BW, BW-ABAP, BPC, HANA, BO (Business Objects), Basis, Portal, SolMan etc..    NOTE :  Though majority tickets are on BW, but BPC and other knowledge is essential.
  •          Is an SAP BI Architect with firm grounding in Delivery  NOTE:  We don’t need so called ’Powerpoint Architects’ for this…we need senior member who can navigate between big picture and details.
  •          Relationship builder.
  •          Good Communication – here communication is about ability to convince customer with POVs and bring Customer along…..this is different than SDM communication aspects.
  •          Proactive – Someone is on top of issues and able to Proactively suggest / drive ideas – whether in fix current Managed Services or proactively coming up with ideas.
  •          Deep understanding of SAP Standard Technology direction / Best Practices and deviations – ability to manage Risks accordingly.
  •          Solutions Person – someone who will give solutions and move the needle forward – not someone who will keep going in circles discussing ideas of no value.
  •          Should understand AD and AM lifecycle in SAP BI context – Include Automation, Scheduling, Release Management topics.
  •          Location: Bergen,Norway. Needs to be flexible to travel to other cities in Norway


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