Short Description

Oracle DBA-6 to 9Yrs-Pune


Job Responsibilities

Primary Skills: Oracle DBA 
Secondary Skills: Designing/Developing Oracle applications 

Job Description:

“*Evaluate and Patch Oracle Software

*Create & Manage db parameters (Proactive)

*Create tablespaces *Manage Tablespaces

*Ongoing Capacity Management

*Create and mantain users Application

*Create and mantain Roles Application

*Create and Maintain Security Application

*Space Management Application File Systems (Rollback, TEMP)

*Database performance tuning (parameters, log switch etc)

*Proactive Application Monitoring (top sql etc)

*Application performance tuning (if coded encrypted)

*Designing/developing Oracle applications

*Select queries in OAT, VPT, PROD

*Schema DDL in OAT, VPT, PROD

*Schema DML in OAT, VPT, PROD

*RS2 release and hotfixes in OAT, VPT, PROD

*Export/Import utility use

*Database refreshes in all environments (including all checks)

*Perform database re-organisation (Indexing, Partitioning)

*Manage client tns names (BankWorks DB Server)

*Application Job Scheduling and maintenance (both legacy and new env’s) “

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