Short Description

The successful candidate would have: 
• Oracle data analysis background, 
• excellent SQL skills, 
• experience with understanding advanced analytics requirements and interpreting them through a combination of SQL code analysis and client direction,
• capability to work with the data warehouse development team to understand structure and adapt source agnostic design concepts into SQL code optimization solutions … in this particular area to convert hard coded segmentations and run time calculations (legacy system dependent logic) over to a combination of new dimensional model, pre-computed derived fields, etc.
• the wherewithal to take 1,000 line SQL and optimize it by a factor of 10 – convert to a 100 line program through effective use of designed in data mart construct improvements

In conclusion the resource would work directly for the business team (SQL code to convert, priorities, testing, solution context), but matrix in to the data warehouse development team (daily Agile standups, data warehouse/mart technical knowledge, SQL optimization approaches, etc.).

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