Short Description

Java Developer


Job Responsibilities

Java Tech lead
Skillset required
Core Java/JMS – Good knowledge of handling XML and Json.
Good sql skillset (Relational database) e.g: Sybase and Oracle, MS SQL – optional Terradata
Ability to Develop ETL / data ingestion from files, database or Hadoop Datastore – optional Datastage and SSIS an advantage
Windows batch scripting, file handling mechanism, batch jobs execution

Project Overview
XDS/GDIS as appropriate across Mexico/US/Uk data sources (internal and external) to support Qlikview MI Dashboards . 
• Consuming ERDS entity and KYC data from XDS/GDIS
• Pointing MAC upstream account/SSI feeds to source from XDS rather than ISD directly
• Misc other data feeds from XDS/GDIS given this is where a lot of the data will be sourced strategically
• CCD /RM Remediation feeds from Hadoop Data Lake
• Reg Tracker feed development (SSIS/DataStage)
• Mexico MI automated extraction (Terredata)of data from Hogan core banking system, other feeds into reporting solution
– Mixture of QVD ingestion framework across various data source (some file, some DB) 
• Consumption of, TRS and SIS data from Data Lake
• DPM for Qlikview data security

Developer to build a tool to feed data into LEM from 3rd party SEC Lending system.
Assigning of CRR’s / limits at the lender / borrower’s (principal’s) level is being pursued because Group Finance no longer allows for HSI to utilize the CRR of the agent bank for the calculation of RWAs for Securities Lending activity. For proper Risk measure

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