Job Role – Java Development Architect

Location – Bangalore

Experience – 12-15yrs


Desired Skills –


  • 15+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience of designing end to end JAVA applications
  • Experience of designing Responsive design
  • Front-end architecture patterns. Understand how JavaScript libraries work (e.g. jQuery),  HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and regular coding patterns (e.g. the Module pattern)
  • Using Angular to build robust and efficient applications by creating modules and components and coupling them together into a functional app
  • Solid experience in designing architecture of complete products or sub systems
  • Modular UI development: creating UI components that solve a single problem really well and have a minimum of dependencies
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience as an architect in UI development
  • Experience in technical management of product/programs
  • Experience in state of the art software engineering methods and processes
  • Domain knowledge preferable and expected to acquire it in a short period of time
  • Preferred experience on building UI for mobility platforms
  • Experience working in Agile environments preferred
  • REST-based APIs and XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)
  • High quality code by means of static code analysis (e.g. linting), unit testing and code reviews
  • NPM and Grunt (or: Gulp) for development environment automation
  • Expert level of knowledge in java frameworks such as Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring JPA.
  • Good knowledge in usage of O-R Mapping Tools like Hibernate, RESTful Web Services, XML and XSD
  • Expertise in SQL Queries & Database interactions(MySQL).  Good understanding on NoSQL database (MongoDB).


Job Description –


  1. Helps teams define & implement a technological solution within the total context (platform vision, product priorities, roadmaps, …)
  2. Continuously Review Quality & Reduce Technical Debt
  3. Responsible for entire service including Security & Privacy integrity. Works closely with the lead architect of the service for the same.
  4. Work closely and provides inputs to the Product team to define the backlog,
  5. Breaks down architecture block / EPICs to features
  6. Designs Deployment & Operational models (incl enterprise access & multi-tenancy models ), Layout all deployment/ operational dependencies for the product
  7. Estimate and layout dependencies for architectural blocks
  8. Ensure Code and Code Review quality
  9. Defines, reviews and accepts APIs
  10. Define Acceptance Test for nonfunctional requirements; performance, reliability, scalability, integration, standards, applications.
  11. Design any required migration paths
  12. Work with development teams to realize architecture
  13. Key contributor to release planning
  14. Ensure a groomed Backlog  prior to Release planning (incl Product & Arch runway)
  15. Review / Accept Low Level Design (LLDD), operations and maintenance guide,  Installation guide for the platform
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