B’com/M’com/MBA Graduates

Job Responsibilities

Role Overview:

Processing of incoming invoices, with initial problem identification and resolution.

As a member of the team, participates in meeting service levels, key measurement targets of the team and delivers a high quality and cost effective service. Is proactive in ensuring the delivery of a customer focused service to client.  Proficient knowledge of one or more processes.

General Responsibilities / Accountabilities:

Is responsible for processing transactions and producing outputs in the following areas: 

• Receive and Scan Documents

• Perform Invoice Pre-Process-Manual

• Perform Pre-Process-Electronic

• Perform E-invoicing (EIPP)

• Capture

• Process PO Invoices

• Process Non-PO Invoices

• Process ERS Invoices

• Archive and Retrieve Documents

• Perform Pre-Process Claim

• Process Claim Processing

Qualifications (Education/Experience/Certification): Optional

Short Description

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