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Hardware Asset Management for Pune Location


Job Responsibilities

SPOC for all stakeholders to ensure timely grievance resolution and future avoidance
( 1- 0 escalation , 2- 1-3 escalation, 3- 4 escalation)
MTTR -consistent improvement in %age over a period of time
Conduct sample ticket audits. ( minimum 5 incident+5 WO's per week).
Achieve 92% +ve feedback against the overall CSAT received for the tickets
(1->96, 2-94 to 96%, 3- 92% to 94%)
Ensure 100% of the -ve feedback cases are addressed along with customer communication.
Zero error in use of the ITSM tools
Timely responses to all stakeholders
Coordinate and work within / outside ITICS teams/Vendors to ensure ontime delivery of services

Ensure adequate stock availability to meet business demands
Warehouse Management and accurate stock levels for stock optimization through asset life cycle

Accuracy of data base throughout the life cycle of assets
Ensure compliance through Physical Verification with FAR and AMDB
Facilitate internal and External Audits, with no NCs. Drive closure of observations within defined timelines

1. Timely disposals
2. Stock optimization
3. Cannibalization of spares
4. Timely and accurate reports
5. Recovery
Suggest Process Improvements / Initiatives for better Service Delivery (atleast 1 implementation per year rating 1 and 2 – subjective to managers description and evaluation , 3- Met)
Prepare site specific MIS and draw trends to come up with improvements
Contribute / Participate in Internal / External Forums / Organizational Initiatives / KM / Recruitment activities:



Nirmala B

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