Job Responsibilities

You will be an integral part of our Customer Experience Center, helping us unleash our creativity to drive dynamic, powerful and engaging meetings/events that allow for strategic changes to emerge through visual communication, innovative design and creative thinking skills. You will use large scale imagery to lead groups towards a goal by thinking differently and communicating more effectively with each other. Your days will be fast paced and you will be working closely with senior business leaders to challenge their thinking and see things from a different perspective. 

Your role will include: 

• Facilitating group discussions and processes, synthesizing the group’s ideas, and working closely with the Sponsor Team and PM to craft the event design
• Creating a brand/theme for events – Illustrating business messages and creating brand/theme for the event, enabling participants to connect with the message and metaphor to adopt and use. You will use your brilliant ideas to inject visual and design thinking into the way the meetings, conferences and workshops are delivered. 
• Event support – Helping the krew in storyboarding and presenting key information creatively through whiteboards, videos, doodles, caricatures or other media to engage participants.
• Developing brand – Using your skills to innovate and develop new ways to market our strengths and capabilities
• Production of event summaries or journals – Creating post event detailed documents that allow stakeholders to reconnect with the highlights of the event. You will also be expected to help maintain and utilize the space to ensure it is ready for use at all times.

Primary skills: 
– 10+ years relevant experience in event management, marketing and communications
– Effective communication skills – both written and verbal, delivered with impact 
– The ability to work with and influence senior people 
– The ability to work in a highly motivated team in a collaborative way 
– Ability to research information, skills and insight 
– Good presentation skills

Secondary skills – event branding
Years of experience – 12+ years
Location: Hyderabad

Short Description

Opportunity for Marketing / Event Management professionals with 12+ yrs exp in Hyderabad


Any Graduate

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