Short Description

Need for AR Credit Management


Job Responsibilities

Is able to handle complex client specific queries, issues or escalations within the client context

Operates at the level of Subject Matter Expert for the client specific application of the client processes

Drive Value back to client utilizing process expertise

Assesses the control framework within the client processes context

Maintains customers within Credit Insurance compliance to minimise client’s exposure

Reviews on an on-going basis all customers for appropriate credit limits and credit insurance (if applicable)

Obtains all required or necessary business information and references

Provides recommendations backed by analysis for trading over limit to support client’s commercial goals

Conducts risk assessments and apply or recommend credit limits supported by information obtained

Ensures customer statement reflects the correct credit risk position.

Performs detailed financial analysis

Performs score cards analysis

The role holder must comply with all the Quality Management System (QMS), Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements and guidelines of the organization

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