Short Description

B’com/M’com/MBA Graduates with 2 years experience in O2C profiles


B’com/M’com/MBA Graduates with 2 years experience in O2C profiles

Job Responsibilities

Role Overview:

 Handles standard cash application transactions and customer account clearing activities in accordance with cash application procedure.

Handles the Bank Statements and retrieves payment information.

Assures that the customer accounts are up to date and initiates clearing activities as appropriate. Responsible for monitoring and clearing suspense accounts. Generates and provides customer balance statements as required.

Participates in meeting service levels, key measurement targets of the team and delivers a high quality and cost effective customer service to the client. Performs tasks in line with the written procedures or assigned by senior staff under supervision. Deepening knowledge in one process or more.

General Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Applies payment and code correctly to ensure line item reconciliation

Follows control and compliance regulations

Documents information in the system according to Company procedures

Books all transactions on a timely manner and according to the correct account reconciliation.

Process used

B2C5.1.1 Receive Payments

B2C5.1.2 Process Auto Match Payment

B2C5.1.3 Process Non-Matched Payments

B2C5.2.1 Customer Clearing

B2C5.2.2 Direct Debit Run

B2C5.2.3 SEPA Direct Debit Run

B2C5.2.4 SEPA R-transaction Handling

B2C5.2.5 Credit Card Payment

B2C5.2.6 Lettre De Change Relevee – (Bill Of Exchange France)

B2C7.2.1 Produce Ad-Hoc Report




B2C8.1.1 Archive Documents

B2C8.2.1 Retrieve Archived Document

B2C8.3.1 Destroy Archived Document

Qualifications (Education/Experience/Certification): Optional



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