• Accountability of tool availability and configuration requirements.
• Develop scripts to automate administrative activities. Facilitate the impact of technical changes (where appropriate)
• Analyze system log files and application log files
• Using system diagnostic tools to monitor/understand system performance (process,
storage space, CPU utilization, memory utilization).
• To get more out of existing IT resources and improve IT cost per service unit positions by reuse and tighter capacity management.
• Eliminate redundant work and ensure consistent reporting
• Correctly show availability associated with SLA’s and resilience.
• Provide timely capacity and related cost information for more informed business decisions
• Ensure Project consumption at future growth levels and uncover bottlenecks with sufficient warning to correct before business services are adversely affected
Required Skills and Experience • Good knowledge of Infrastructure Technologies – Storage, UNIX, VMware, Backup etc
• Should have at least knowledge of managing one of the Capacity Management Tools. e.g Spotfire,Omnivision,BMC,HPOO, Metron Athene etc..
• Good understanding of Database management.
• Trend and model expected utilization based on application capacity forecasts, Collaborate on developing capacity management options using optimization and provisioning models: virtualization, load balancing, cloud, shared services, managed services etc.
• Having understanding of Statistical Data Analysis.
• Performing Metric Audits to ensure performance data is uploaded to the Capacity Database
• Perform Trend analysis, estimation, simulation, analytic modeling.
• Capacity Management Processes: Ensure that all processes within Capacity Management are documented to an appropriate level of detail, and that the processes supports an efficient capacity management as per ITIL standards
• Match capacity and demand by increasing or managing available capacity; ensure that existing capacity is used in an optimum manner.
• Good knowledge of MS Excel, Macros & Automaton
• Good analytical skills and sound ability to relate to business requirements
• Effective communication skills – written and verbal
• Excellent Presentation skills

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