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Hiring AWS Cloud Engineer with at least 1 migration experience in AWS as a mandatory experience.

We are in urgent need of a candidate who has no more than 60 days notice period and willing to join us at our Cloud Practice(Will get a good exposure working on Cloud Computing as well)


  • Have hands on experience in migrating large scale complex enterprise applications to AWS cloud and design operational processes.
  • Proven experience in application migration to AWS cloud and is accredited with appropriate AWS certifications as desired by the role
  •  Understanding of hybrid cloud solutions, cloud migration techniques and experience of integrating public cloud into tradition hosting/delivery models
  • Ability to use wide variety of open source technologies.
  • Experience in automation/configuration managment using Chef, Ansible, or an equivalent.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL DBs such as SQL, MySQL, Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Strong background in linux/Unix and/or Windows adminstration
  • Solid understanding of networking and core Internet Protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP and routing in distributed networks.
  • A working understanding of code and script such as: PHP, Python, Perl and/or Ruby.
  • A working understanding of scheduleding and orchestration with tools such as: kubernetes, Mesos swarm or equivalent.
  • Extensive knowledge about APIs designing RESTful services and integrated with other providers.
  • High Availability and Disaster recovery implementations
  • Experience of designing and implementing application and infrastructure monitoring solutions
  • Experience architecting and deploying multi-tiered applications.
  • Experience in architecting security architectures across infrastructure and applications
  • Experience building and deploying multi-tier, scalable, and highly available applications using Java, Microsoft and Database technologies
  • Experience in performance tuning, including the following ; (load balancing, web servers, content delivery Networks, Caching (Content and API))
  • Good understanding of application architectures
  • A good appreciation of the cost drivers in systems delivery and operations and the commercial consequences of the technical decisions made by you and/or others
  • Has experience of working as part of teams delivering through Agile methodologies

Job Responsibilities

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