Hardware Design & Testing

We are looking for a Hardware Designer & Tester for our team at Mumbai Location.

Embedded Hardware Technology: PLC Distributed I/O’s Flex & POINT, PLC I/O Interface: 4 – 20 mA, 0-10V, ±10V, Temperature Sensore , 230V AC I/O, 110V AC I/O, 24V DC I/O, Relay, Encoder, Counter
PLC Communication: ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 

Analog and Digital Designs:

Various analog designs such as op-amp based amplifiers, filters, etc., ADC and DAC based designs, Microcontroller and its interfacing with memories and other peripherals.

Various Tests: Power cycle Test, Functional test, Supply voltage test @min, Nom and max, Signal measurement of specific component and compare with old (Reference) module, Parameter check is to verify specifications of module, Hardware compatibility test

Temperature Test: Cycle –Operating, Temperature Cycle- Non-Operating, Thermal shock-Operating, Thermal shock-Non-operating, Humidity

EMC Test: EFT, Surge, ESD, CI, CE, RI, RE, VDI, PFMF, CDI, etc


Study of product test setup requirement, Test Plan and Test Report preparation, Testing product as per schedule


Experience – 2 to 4 Years


Location: Mumbai

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