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The value of a blockchain-enabled supply chain

Foster the creation of reliable and sustainable supply chains through leveraging blockchain

Even in normal times, managing supply chains has become a significant challenge, with layers of complexity that have evolved organically, contributing to inefficiency and heightening risk. The current pandemic has brought these difficulties into sharp focus, highlighting the limits of supply chains across industries and regions.

In this series of articles, Damien de Chillaz (Head of Blockchain and B2B Platforms, Capgemini’s Business Services), Jörg Junghanns (Vice President Europe – Digital Supply Chain, Capgemini’s Business Services), Adrien Calvayrac (France AIE Lead), Jean-Baptiste Meriem (Blockchain Lead, Capgemini Invent), and their colleagues consider the extent to which blockchain technology can be used to overcome these challenges, and to create supply chain models that are more reliable, sustainable, and frictionless.

The series of articles looks at how blockchain can:

  • Foster reliable and sustainable supply chains?
  • Become a game-changer for supply chains
  • Enable next-generation traceability
  • Drive sustainability
  • Enhance transparency and accountability between parties
  • Improve procure-to-pay functionality
  • Help to secure IoT devices.
  • The role of blockchain in meeting carbon tracking
  • Get the sustainable future you want

These articles explore the fascinating subject of how can blockchain transform your supply chain to help create, what we call, the Frictionless Enterprise.

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain