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Emerging technologies

Stay connected to the world of Capgemini and SAP

You need the X and the O to fit together and work seamlessly in the world of tomorrow  – today

Customer experience is becoming the competitive differentiator for most enterprises today.

SAP CX solutions are the customer-experience entry point to Digital Core, leveraging SAP S/4HANA to help clients through their digital transformation journeys with a seamless backend-to-frontend integration. Tune in to this series of podcasts where our experts explore many scenarios, provide examples of how we leverage best-of-breed technology, and share their take on how clients are embracing developments in their industries. These companies are working with Capgemini and SAP to embark on a major transformation journey to become Renewable Enterprises, able to constantly grow and adapt thanks to a new Digital Core – a next-generation platform that’s simple, comprehensive, and will evolve with their growing needs.