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Reimagine Manufacturing in The Wake of The New Normal

Discover New Avenues for Manufacturing Operations in India.

The pace and extent of disruption caused by Covid-19 is forcing all global firms to reimagine business continuity. This VUCA event has provided us with an opportunity to reimagine our Businesses and revisit tightly integrated supply chains. Geographic Diversification is a key lever to reduce single source dependency failures.

Geographical Diversification can help with

  • Reducing the impact of the next global crisis
  • Remaining global in DNA but local to prevent “all or none” shocks
  • Protect key staff from global shocks while promoting collaboration
  • Build knowledge redundancy in the operations at the right scale

As geopolitical risks are a key drivers for business strategies, geographic diversification becomes far more critical. Most organizations are now in the search of new geographies to relocate or rebalance supply lines.

India offers several unique advantages which tie in well with the current drivers of location diversification.

With deep Insight into the Indian local markets, Capgemini brings its Global expertise in Supply Chain and Digital Manufacturing

Tailored and customized to suit your business ambitions, Capgemini has devised a 5 pillared approach to help you realize your manufacturing goals for India. From a complete detailed destination analysis to policy and regulation advisory with a detailed functional tool kit to model organizational redesign, supported by strong Supply Chain Transparency and Digital Manufacturing.

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Our experts

Aashish Chandorkar

Vice President – Capgemini Invent

Aashish heads Sales and GTM for Invent India and is an expert on India policy and regulations

Dheeraj Toshniwal

Senior Director – Capgemini Invent

Dheeraj is Invent partner for India market and is an expert on setting up India operations

Viswanathan Krishnan

Director – Capgemini Invent

Vishy leads Innovation & Strategy competency for Invent India and is an expert on leveraging innovative solutions in manufacturing domain