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Capgemini Week of Innovation Networks 2018

The Capgemini Week of Innovation Networks is a worldwide Business and Technology event which brings together Clients, Partners, Experts and Start-ups to share insights on latest innovations and technology trends.

In it’s 9th year, CWIN brings global insights with a local flavor to multiple cities across 16 countries. Focusing on the twin themes of Applied Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, events in the participating cities will feature speakers, practitioners and industry experts on how businesses are applying disruptive technologies to drive results.

Upcoming events:

  • Paris: October 16
  • Malmo: November 6
  • Stockholm: November 14
  • London: November 15
  • Gotheburg: November 15

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Six of our participating CWIN cities covered the event live. Please click on the cities below to watch the session recordings.

CWIN18 Theme

The events will cover the twin themes of Applied Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, along with numerous topics such as Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Robotic Process Automation, among others.

Participating Cities:

Meet our Partners :

Highlights of CWIN17:

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TechnoVision 2018: The Impact of AI

TechnoVision is a tool for you to tell a digital story, a story that shapes an opportunity, answers a question, gives direction, resolves an issue, or simply delights an audience. It is always a story to be told between people, from both the business and IT sides of an organization.

How will you apply TechnoVision 2018?

  • Brainstorm entirely new ideas?
  • Systematically crosscheck a design on how up to date it is?
  • Find a breakthrough to tackle a touch challenge?

Download your copy and prepare to apply TechnoVision to your situation.