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Capgemini Brazil teaches automation to young people

Capgemini Blumenau’s RPA team takes the concepts of automation and robotics to young people at Brazil’s largest educational robotics event – Robotics Experience 2019.

Members of Capgemini Blumenau’s RPA and HR teams recently took part in Robotics Experience 2019 – an event that helps to make children aware of the incredible possibilities that robotics can deliver. Over 7,500 people participated in the event, making it the largest children’s educational robotics event in Brazil.

Our volunteers helped teach the concepts of automation and robotics to children from across the region using UiPath’s recently launched app Marti, the Martian – a game is about a lost Martian on Earth that needs help to return to his own planet. Through programing Marti’s steps to his rocket and overcoming all the obstacles in his way to take the lost extraterrestrial back to Mars, the children experience and understand the concepts of robotics in a colorful and playful way.

Talking about the importance of participating in Robotics Experience 2019 to promote Capgemini’s visibility in the community, Rosimeria Kowalski (Business Partner, Capgemini Brazil) said: “It was as if we had planted a seed of curiosity in each child that interacted with the game. They learnt that robots can go far beyond what they perhaps imagined, and they can help humans to work better, faster, and give them more time to think up new ideas.”

According to Fernando Capovilla (RPA Manager, Capgemini Brazil): “Capgemini’s experts were very glad to share their knowledge with the children. It was great fun teaching automation with a game as playful as Marti, the Martian, and the whole team also learnt a great deal through teaching the children.”

Capgemini Brazil teaches automation to young people

Mariana Tordivelli Junkes is responsible for internal communications and part of Capgemini’s Brazil’s L&D team.