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Who dares wins with Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform

Ashwin Yardi

To automate functional processes is to enhance productivity, quality, and predictability, and reduce cost. According to our own Capgemini research, cost savings of $32 billion to $165 billion could be realized across sectors (including automotive, retail, utilities, and manufacturing) over the next five years by implementing automation at scale.

While these are certainly impressive numbers, if one focuses solely on operational improvements impacting the bottom line, it’s easy to miss some very significant opportunities to grow the top. I have, for example, seen automation projects inject new levels of agility, innovation, and ways of working into enterprises – many of which have delivered significant opportunities to grow revenue. If you dare, you will win.

But, as we see from data gathered by the Capgemini Research Institute for its 2018 report “Reshaping the future: unlocking automation’s untapped value,” automation remains primarily driven by cost savings and improving operational efficiencies – with the focus on rule-based technologies such as ITPA or RPA. It is interesting to note that only 18% of respondents are taking advantage of AI-based approaches such as machine learning, deep learning, and swarm intelligence while just 16% are adopting Intelligent Automation at scale.

There are a host of reasons why, of course. I know from experience that driving automation at scale requires overcoming a broad range of business, technology, and talent-related challenges – from a lack of people skilled in automation technologies, through a lack of clarity in understanding the business benefits, to complex IT security requirements.

While these are all addressable issues, there’s no doubt that automation at scale is disruptive. And for many of the clients I meet, embracing disruption can be a daunting challenge indeed.

While these are all addressable issues, there’s no doubt that automation at scale is disruptive. And for many of the clients I meet, embracing disruption can be a daunting challenge indeed.

Our task then, at Capgemini, is to take this inherently complex environment, simplify and reduce the risks, and provide an end-to-end solution to allow our clients to embrace the very real benefits of enterprise-wide adoption.

In other words, we must deliver a platform that addresses the issues and takes the brakes off change – so we can enable enterprises to deliver Intelligent Automation at scale and at pace.

I am tremendously excited about the launch of the Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP). It is the cumulation of our wealth of experience in delivering automation initiatives for over 600 global clients, and it comes to market as a proven and robust solution in live operation today.

CIAP is part of our Automation Drive portfolio, guided by the Five Senses of IA framework – our unique humanlike approach for translating Intelligent Automation into tangible business value. It is purpose-built to deliver security, repeatability, and economies of scale – all in a plug and play environment to drive rapid adoption.

It tackles the key concerns I hear from the market today. It is technology agnostic to eliminate the threat of lock-in that’s present in some other options on the market, and it is built on a multi-tenant architecture (leveraging our rich pool of pre-built tools and fast tracker assets) to accelerate deployment and time to value.

Ultimately though, it is the outcomes that matter. For example, can the platform deliver the apps and processes to drive customer engagement and improve user experiences? Can it offer quick wins in performance management or the purchase-to-pay cycle? Can it support and enable the wider strategic goals of our clients?

The answer, I’m happy to say, is “it already is.” And in so doing, it’s injecting peak performance into processes, technology and decision-making to drive real-world benefits for our clients today.

It’s time to be ambitious, to look beyond radical process improvement and realize the transformational potential of Intelligent Automation.

Remember, who dares wins!

To explore the platform in more detail, and discuss your Intelligent Automation opportunities, don’t hesitate to get in touch.