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Plastic Ban should be the beginning of a journey


Arguments have been flowing thick and fast since the Plastic Ban decision taken by the Government of Maharashtra. As an Environment, Health and Safety Lead, I do know one thing – everything that we have been doing that harms the environment and eventually will impact the quality of life on the planet in the decades to come are not easy to ban from our lives. Our generation has grown up on plastic and it seems to have pervaded every hour of our life.

Five years back when I started as a Sustainability Lead, driving changes across the organization did seem arduous. There were many naysayers and sceptics in equal measure. But the decision to start a journey towards healthy and sustainable environment at Capgemini had the willingness and approval from the Board. I believe that the decision of the Government of Maharashtra too has a single-minded resolve from Mr. Fadnavis.

But Plastic Ban is not a decision – it is a resolve. I often tell my team that if we are to drive change that helps build a sustainable future then every citizen, every locality, every state and every country will have to resolve to drive this change.