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Moving logistical planning to the Oracle Cloud

Johan Louwers

As the global economy turns a corner, businesses seek new ways to provide value to their customers. This includes transforming functions that were traditionally considered support roles. IT, for example, is now expected to lead effective cost reduction and competiveness strategies while logistics has become a key component in any organization’s success because it is critical in delivering a superior customer experience.

Digitally transforming your logistical capabilities has become increasingly important. Unfortunately, while the need to increase capabilities has grown, so too has the complexity in allocating resources. This has led to a number of inefficiencies, including the underutilization of resources and rising maintenance and expert costs that hinder the pace of business transformation. What’s needed is a way to reliably and securely provide business with the right mix of agility, speed-to-value, and reduced IT costs. What’s needed is managing workloads effectively while streamlining the business model.

Oracle has eased customers’ transition to the cloud with the Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner program, which recognizes partner skills and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on the Oracle Cloud platform. Partners provide services such as cloud advisory, service migration, DevOps, provisioning and orchestration, round-the-clock monitoring, incidence and change management, and cloud optimization.

Our team recently demonstrated these capabilities in helping a retail customer transition to the Oracle Cloud. The customer needed daily operational support for a new replenishment system to complete a warehouse-to-warehouse replenishment between several central warehouses in the Benelux region. The challenge lay in predicting the sizing for a new system due to the hyper growth of the customer’s business. The system needed a flexible, high-performance, and highly available solution that would keep up with the growth needs of the business. Since the customer’s underpinning technology was based upon Oracle technology, the move to Oracle Cloud came naturally for both the customer and our team.

Logistics planning

The customer also wanted us to provide a stable solution that was resilient against a regional outage. As an Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner, our solution spanned Oracle Cloud locations in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our teams built a unified solution in multiple locations. We leveraged Oracle Compute and Oracle Databases Cloud services. Today, the customer has an always-on, high-performance solution with which to conduct daily operations on all internal move orders and replenishment operations between warehouses in the Benelux region.

As an Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner, Capgemini provides all services for the operation and maintenance of the customer’s Oracle Cloud-based solution and takes on the full system integrator role. Given that Capgemini already provides system integrator and maintenance support for most of this customer’s other systems, the inclusion of Oracle Cloud has been seamless.

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