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COP 25 – thoughts on Invent for Society


The 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP25, started on December 2, in Madrid – not in Santiago de Chile – under a dark cloud of worry, determination, and … hope.

Too little too late?

Political leaders, diplomats, NGOs, and big corporations are meeting for two weeks of talks with one common goal: confronting this major crisis – the biggest of our century, the biggest of our time. We have probably already passed the point of no return, and Spain has stepped in to welcome more than 30,000 people, whether they be experts or passionate activists within this field. Almost every country has signed the Paris Agreement and, under the terms of this pact, they will have to put new climate promises on the table by the end of 2020. Many people think we’re beyond hope. Who are we to tell humankind to keep this promise (and what a promise it is): drastically change your way of life – in order to have the right to live without having the assurance that this will be enough?

Why then, as part of a 7,500 people brand (Capgemini Invent), and part of a 220,000 group (Capgemini), join the COP25, partner with World Climate Summit, and try to give everything we can to change the game?

Why then would our people, our partners, our clients, our bosses, our freshers, our influencers, and our competitors somehow unite and collectively make the same pledge?

Or too much too soon?

The solution is being formulated by the next generation. They are seeking new meaning, new ventures, fewer barriers and obstacles; a sense of incisiveness, power and purpose. For centuries, the biggest driver of economic success was intrinsically linked to capital and investment, never mind how you got there. But, things are changing. Emerging technologies are accelerating the potential speed and value on the one hand, and on the other hand, digital transformation has created a world of cross-sector pollination and enabling innovation. If we collaborate, if we influence those who aren’t contributing to stop global warming, if we collectively have something to gain through access to technology – then we are the early birds: we play a major role not just for business, but for society at large.

Society is at the heart of everything, even in business. Mainly in business.

Today, I’m honored and proud to represent my Group at the World Climate Summit, leading the Invent for Society initiative.

As a globally renowned technology and digital leader, we have the responsibility, the ambition, and the potential to contribute and solve major questions that shape our future world – and at Capgemini Invent we are committed to this cause.

Invent for Society aims to give our social impact prominence and weave these ethics into the fabric of how we do business and how we work every day with our clients.

At Capgemini Invent, we use digital technologies and we are committed, as a team, to bettering the future in areas such as waste reduction, energy transition, education, digital inclusion, predictive healthcare, employment, poverty prevention, and housing. We have a purpose.

Long live our planet! Let’s fight for it.