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I was walking the corridors of the 5-star property where NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF 2019) was being organized, the evening before the ‘D day’, and it was quite an exciting sojourn around the event area. There were other players as well who were setting-up their space. I saw lot of buzz and frenzy in each participant wanting to put their best foot forward. Amidst this festival like energy, I saw our Capgemini space which was all done up beautifully ready to say ‘Hello’ to its guests.


Like a tactile story teller, Capgemini India shared its journey so far and reached out to customers, leaders, experts, and chronicled its innovation stories at NTLF 2019. The brand persona stood out at the event, showcasing its attitude of continuously working on cutting edge technology to address customer issues. Capgemini positioned itself as a thought leader, expert, an avid listener, and a fine storyteller across domains. The sector stories built on the edgy technology showcased the disruptive ways in which these technologies are being used to address customer issues of ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’.

Every aspect of Capgemini’s brand equity came ALIVE through the powerful, seamless, and applied stories told by the India CEO, Ashwin Yardi around Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our Group COO, Thierry Delaporte also shared his views with CNBC TV 18 on Capgemini’s future readiness.


The sight of brand Capgemini shining like an omnipresent guiding light at the Global Leadership Award (GLA) night was a feast to our eyes. Everyone who walked from the conference venue to the stage area set-up in the hotel lawn, had only one visual and that was brand Capgemini standing tall amongst the festival like environment. One of our esteemed customers was presented the annual leadership award. The applause and acknowledgement received during the awards ceremony clearly showcased our pride in the long-standing relationship we have with our customers.

THIS TALE goes on…

My experience being part of NTLF 2019 which is also one of the most revered annual events in our industry continues to be intriguing and full of pride and responsibility. Our pragmatic insights through our offerings was able to achieve a competitive edge amid digital disruption and encouraging the dynamic, authentic, humane, and sustainable culture of innovation in this event. The sheer feel of the audience looking up to us and acknowledging our ‘Tomorrow Readiness’ feels no less than being part of an outstanding brand story. My pride knows no boundaries in continuing to tell this story tirelessly with stars in my eyes. With that said, I sign off…

About Author:

Suvarna Goel

Suvarna Goel is a Marketeer since last decade and a half. For last 17 plus years she has been using very simple insights from her natural environment and turning product stories / experience on its head. She is very fond of telling stories in a most interesting manner as part of her Marketing day job and she extends this trait to her soft skill as well. Her innate ability to look at a scenario from an unbeaten angle has always helped her get undiluted attention of her customers and consumers. Her core competencies have been tried and tested across various industries such as Media and Entertainment, Lifestyle, FMCG (Beverage) and IT. In her current role, she is Lead Innovation Marketing at Capgemini India.