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Automakers are integrating “Video Edge” in the connected car to improve safety

Vijay Anand

The faster first responders arrive on the scene of a car accident, the better the chances of saving lives.

And if the car’s occupants can provide their exact location and injuries sustained to the first responders while on route, survival chances improve. (See Figure 1.)

This is just one of the exciting developments in the connected car market as automakers integrate video into safety systems for both drivers and passengers. Two early applications are pedestrian detection and collision warning that alert the driver to take evasive action to avoid an accident. In the case of an accident, the video recorded in the car network is transmitted in real-time to first-responders and used for further detailed analysis. Video-based safety is a critical emerging differentiator for the connected car.

Accident scenariosFigure 1: Accident scenarios
Source: World Health Organization (data)

The video-based safety features of the connected car identify and help avoid potholes and road wreckage. The car’s safety platform can alert nearby cars to avoid road hazards and accidents. Also, the connected car has intelligent cameras designed specifically to alert the owner if a stranger enters the vehicle or triggers a “welcome” message for approved drivers and passengers. With data captured from internal and external cameras, critical information such as pedestrian crossings, stop signals, traffic lights, and no parking signs can be presented in an augmented reality (AR) display panel providing the driver with more information.

To know more, check out the whitepaper written by Vijay Anand, Senior Director, Technology, and Chief IoT Architect, Capgemini Engineering on Video features in Connected Cars.

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