Consumer Products & Retail

Shannon Warner

Expert in Digital Transformation, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Retail

I have more than twenty-five years of retail and consulting experience helping clients to improve their business performance by applying domain expertise, acting as a liaison between business and IT, and leading my team to deliver exceptional results on every engagement. My expertise spans the retail value chain including: B2C and B2B commerce, omni-channel customer engagement, digital store of the future, product information and content management, seamless customer engagement (e.g. CRM, Customer MDM, Big Data, Loyalty, etc.), digital analytics, and digital marketing.

Shannon Warner

My experience

Vice President Retail, North America @ Capgemini Consulting


Vice President Products and Resources Digital Business Consulting @ Consulting and Technology Services

08/07/2016 to 04/03/2017

Assistant Vice President, Digital Transformtion (Omnichannel) Planning and Strategy @ Consulting and Technology Services

08/05/2013 to 08/02/2016

Sr. Director, Multichannel Planning and Strategy Business Consulting @ Consulting and Technology Services

11/02/2010 to 07/31/2013

Group Manager, Business Technology @ Retail

12/01/2008 to 11/16/2010

Group Manager, Target India Planning @ Retail

05/08/2007 to 12/09/2008

Group Manager, Target India Transitions @ Retail

08/16/2006 to 05/01/2007

Sr. Manager, Guest Technology @ Retail

06/23/2004 to 08/02/2006