Tech Fiesta 2022

Quantum Leap into Limitless Possibilities

Inviting you to Experience the Unprecedented and Unmatched Momentum

The pandemic has directed organisations into transforming business forever. It has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies reinforcing these changes for the long haul.

Are you revved up to win the next big lap?

Are you ready to pace up towards the new technology landscape, willing to make a tech-oriented transformational shift to achieve your business goals?

If the answer is YES, then welcome to Capgemini India’s biggest technology event of the year

Capgemini India’s marquee technology event Tech Fiesta 2022 is a platform to showcase breakthrough technologies, ideas & innovation. The event is scheduled from June 09 to July 20 across six Capgemini locations across India.

Tech Fiesta 2022 will showcase the unprecedented and unmatched momentum our solutions have brought in. It manifests as a conversational opportunity for each stakeholder to establish their new growth paths & emerging journeys.

Designed to promote innovation, agility, and excellence across industries, the event aims to share our cutting-edge technology, experiential solutions, partner relationships and unique capabilities.

A Truly Hybrid Experience

Experience Tech Fiesta like Never before!

With an aim to expand the reach of the event, Tech Fiesta 2022 will adopt a hybrid model where the physical event will be spread across 6 Capgemini India locations and the virtual version will amplify the event experience.

Spreading Across Six Cities

In addition to the main theme of the event, each city will also exhibit its own sub-theme and will have a targeted solution showcase.

Our Partners

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Event details

June 9, 2022
July 20, 2022
Mumbai | Chennai | Hyderabad | Bengaluru | Pune | Gurgaon

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