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Capgemini is the official sponsor of the Global Leadership Awards at NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2020

Leverage highly-impactful futuristic technology solutions to tackle real-world problems.

NTLF 2020 – Tech in 20s: Coming of Age, will focus on how the next decade is likely to play out in helping businesses accelerate innovation and deliver value, thereby creating a winning enterprise.

Learn how we at Capgemini can build customized solutions to help you solve business and industry challenges by efficiently bringing together our internal expertise, capabilities, and external disruptive agents such as startups and academic research.

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Meet Our Speakers:

Pallavi Tyagi

Pallavi Tyagi,

CHRO-India, Capgemini

Date and Time: February 13, 14:00-14:45 hrs
Venue: Ballroom II, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
Topic: Learning to reinvent for tomorrow

For an organization at the leading edge of innovation, it is imperative for leaders to move from a ‘demand & supply model’ to a continuous learning ecosystem approach. Leaders play a pivotal role in building and orchestrating such an ecosystem among their workforce. How does an organisation continuously fine-tune itself to meet the rising customer expectations, how do leaders encourage their employees to reskill-upskill to remain relevant, and what are the challenges and opportunities? This session will address some of these questions. Hear from our CHRO, on her perspective about creating a workforce of tomorrow.

Ashwin Yardi

Ashwin Yardi
CEO-India, Capgemini

Date and Time: February 13, 16:10-16:50 hrs.
Venue: Main Ballroom I, II, III, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
Topic: Is ‘Trust’ at stake in the all-digital era?

All the tech revolution tools like the Internet of Things, AI, Blockchain & Quantum, have changed the way we work, socialize, and do business. As we have now entered a new era, business leaders are in a dilemma. How do they fully embrace some of these technologies, and convince their customers & win their trust, that they are using these technologies responsibly? This defiantly requires businesses to rethink their strategy and find different ways of doing business. This session will address some of these concerns and will have our CEO give his perspective on ways to cover this Trust Gap.

Experiential Zone – Capgemini Fabric of Trust Solutions
During the event, we will set up an Experiential Zone to showcase our capabilities that help weave the ‘Fabric of Trust’ in today’s digital era. Check out some of the key solutions we will be showcasing:

  • Mines with an Edge
    Leverage 5G to transcend legacy operations, boost productivity and create an efficient connected environment.
  • Underwater Biodiversity using AI
    Monitor biodiversity using image recognition and deep learning.
  • Product Returns Prediction model for a retailer
    An AI/Machine Learning-enabled model to predict product returns and reason for such returns.
  • Renal Stone Quantification System
    Quantifying renal stones using an intelligent software system.
  • Digital Worker Management
    A cloud-based offering aimed to promote a safe and productive workplace.

On February 12, witness innovative solutions at the NTLF Tech Café. These Capgemini solutions integrate the latest in hardware technology and disruptive software capabilities to solve the various challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Tech Café Showcase: Intelligent Osteoporosis Risk Prediction System
Our AI solution that helps determine an individual’s fracture risk probability index at an early stage. This solution utilizes digital x-ray images acquired during general health checkup programs, for the estimation of bone mineral density (BMD) by extracting key image features such as trabecular morphology and texture, and leveraging machine learning algorithms.

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February 12, 2020
February 14, 2020
Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

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