Employee stories

What does it mean to love or “ace” your career at Capgemini? Find out from our teammates.

Bhuvana Yelike

I love analyzing situations. I ace checking probabilities.

Rajvi Sheth

I love innovation and experimentation and I ace at Customer Experience.

Soumya Koppikar

Love your career. Ace your career.

Priya Bohra

I love this planet and I am an Ace at bringing business and technology solutions to work...

Suruchi Pawar

I love handling responsibilities. I ace taking ownership.

Priya Jain

I love delivering Quality. I ace quality assurance.

Priyanka Amin

I love making connections. I Ace problem-solving.

Sandhya Sule

I love building winning teams. I ace delivering client value.

Nayana Marathe

I love working with people from diverse backgrounds. I ace collaboration.

Ekta Bisht

I love building relationships. I ace delivering client value.

Anita Menezes

Love your career…Ace your career at Capgemini.

Priyal Mayekar

I love creativity. I ace delivering experience.