We experienced that completing certain level of academic years does not ensure instilling of employable skills amongst the youth. The community we operate in, has a large number of students not continuing their education after completing early schooling. They tend to get into petty jobs with no guarantee of its continuance. To enhance the employability potential of these youths, we have the intent of setting up skill building training centers, aptly named LEAP (Livelihood Education through Action against Poverty). Through these centers, this program would primarily target youths who are school and college dropouts. Along with the hard skills pertaining to training in various identified trades, soft skills will also be a part of the comprehensive modules to be delivered, thus, equipping them for employment opportunities.

CSR – Spotlight on Employability

The video throws light on the ‘Employability’ pillar. The India Leadership team, our NGO partners and the beneficiaries talk about our CSR programs, the challenges and the impact.


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