Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 2

21 Compelling Innovation Articles on Autonomous Systems, Data Ecosystems, Sustainable AI, Data Mesh, and Creative AI

Data holds the keys to unlock innovation’s potential. It’s best unleashed when it is driven from the heart of the business – and spreads across the organization. It can change entire business models, enabling your organization to thrive on a brand-new data economy. And when it’s done at scale, it allows remarkable results to happen. Data-powered innovation really delivers when it is applied end to end, embedded in the foundation of business.

Capgemini’s innovation magazine, Data-powered Innovation Review, is now out with Wave 2, 2021. Our second edition is loaded with 21 compelling data-powered innovation stories in areas as diverse as autonomous systems, data collaboration, data mesh, AI for good, and creative systems. Each one is designed to help activate your organization’s innovation muscles.

Contributions come from key partners such as Adobe, AWS, Microsoft, NVIDIA, SAS, Teradata, and of course, from Capgemini’s own top experts. We’re confident that they have produced plenty of materials to provide you with new, fresh ideas and inspiration.

In this edition, we are covering five different themes – The Rise of Autonomous, The Rise of Data Mesh, The Rise of Data Ecosystems, The Rise of Creative AI, and The Rise of Sustainable AI. Each of these themes contains fascinating articles from a large variety of contributors globally.

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Zhiwei Jiang
CEO of Global Insights & Data, Capgemini
Zhiwei is the CEO of I&D Global Business Line for the last two years. Before that, Zhiwei was the Head of Insights & Data for the Financial Services Business Unit. Prior to Capgemini, he spent 20 years in banking. His passion has been in data privacy, security, sustainability, and now more in AI ethics and social impact.


Ron Tolido
CTO of Global Insights & Data, Capgemini
Ron is an EVP, certified master architect, and Chief Technology Officer of the Insights & Data Global Business Line. He is also the lead author of Capgemini’s renowned TechnoVision trend series, the latest installment published in January with the theme ‘Be Like Water.’ Furthermore, he is the editor-in-chief of I&D’s ‘Data-powered Innovation Review’ digital magazine. Based in the Netherlands, Ron is an executive lecturer at several business universities.


Bradee Evans
Principal Designer, Adobe
Bradee has experience of designing digital experiences for over 15 years. Her team at Adobe was responsible for designing the future of creative digital imaging as it moves beyond the desktop to other devices and input modalities.


Adam Grzywaczewski
Senior Deep Learning Data Scientist at NVIDIA
Dr. Adam Grzywaczewski is a senior deep learning data scientist at NVIDIA, where his primary responsibility is to support customers in scaling and deployment of their deep learning workloads. Over the last four years, Adam has specialized in large-scale training, focusing not just on deep learning systems and software design, but also on algorithms that allow for large batch data/model/pipeline parallel training.


Maribel Lopez
Moderator – Founder of Data For Betterment and Lopez Research, Writer at Forbes
Maribel is the founder of Lopez Research, a market research and strategy consulting firm. Currently, her firm researches Artificial Intelligence, mobile, IoT, and enterprise digital transformation. Her clients range from start-ups to global firms, including 10 of the Fortune 30. Maribel is also the author of the John Wiley and Sons book “Right-time Experiences,” a contributor to Forbes magazine, and host of the podcast Reimagine Hybrid Work.


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