Paul Hermelin CEO ChairmanPaul Hermelin*

Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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Thierry Delaporte*

Financial Services and Latin America

Aiman Ezzat*

Chief Financial Officer

Hubert Giraud*

People Management and Transformation

Patrick Nicolet*

Competitiveness and India

Olivier Sevillia*

Application Services Two***, Business Services, Capgemini Consulting and Digital Services

Jean-Philippe Bol

Cloud Infrastructure Services

John Mullen

Application Services North America

André Cichowlas

Quality and Delivery

Lanny Cohen

Technology and Innovation

Pierre-Yves Cros

Strategy and Development

Cyril Garcia

Capgemini Consulting, Digital Services

Christine Hodgson

Corporate and Social Responsibility
Business Coordination UK

Aruna Jayanthi

Business Services

Srinivas Kandula


Jean-Baptiste Massignon

General Secretary

Virginie Regis

Marketing and Communications

Luc-François Salvador

Application Services Asia-Pacific

Rosemary Stark

Group Sales Officer

Hans van Waayenburg



* Group Executive Board (GEB) member
** Applications Services One: Asia-Pacific, North America, United Kingdom
*** Application Services Two: France, Benelux, Nordics, Germany and Central Europe, and Southern Europe