Capgemini Rubberband’s 21 Day Challenge

Check out how Rubberband is beating the blues during the lockdown across India by taking up the 21 day happiness challenge, showcasing their skills, coaching and composing tunes. Here are some wonderful videos that showcase the versatility of Rubberband. Tune in to these cheerful performances that will leave you with a smile. #StrongerTogether

Bandits Location Links
Aparna Bengaluru
Pranay Mylapally Hyderabad
Arun Anandan Bengaluru
Bitan Banerjee Bengaluru
Mike Murali Bengaluru
Mukesh Rathore Mumbai
Vinay C M Bengaluru
Rick Saha Mumbai
Atullya Nambiar Pune
Arunagiri Raghu Bengaluru
Clinton Moses  Chennai

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