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End-to-end cybersecurity that scales with your requirements

Capgemini can serve as your single trusted advisor for integrating and orchestrating your cybersecurity solutions globally. We are uniquely capable of covering security requirements in virtually every industry and market segment, at scale that matches your needs today and tomorrow.

Our cybersecurity experts strip away the complexities of protecting your enterprise, so you can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with full confidence.

We integrate the best security solutions, technologies, suppliers and strategies the world has to offer, all through a single point of contact, all based on each client’s business needs, risk appetite, and target cost of ownership.

Our team of 4500+ cybersecurity professionals provide end-to-end strategy, assessment, deployment, integration and Defend services to secure your organization. We help you define your security objectives and procedures, protect your assets with our cybersecurity services, and monitor the enterprise to detect and react in advance of cyberattacks.

This approach minimizes cost, risk and waste while maximizing productivity, efficiency and agility. It helps you stop focusing on solution and supplier management and start focusing on governance, informed risk management and adding value to enterprise.

Global Network of SOCs

Our Managed Security Service (MSS) offerings are integrated and delivered through a connected global network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The SOCs bring together the combined expertise of our thousands of security professionals and a set of proven, certified processes and technologies to give you complete visibility into your security posture.

We perform advanced analysis of data and threat intelligence feeds, enabling us to identify potential attack vectors inyour security scheme you may not have ever seen before. The result: we empower you to prevent incidents, detect threats, respond swiftly and contain attacks like no one else.

Our SOCs also give you access to our elite R&D team, which can analyze and reverse-engineer complex malware to support you in case of very severe cyberattacks. For example, they have the capability to perform comprehensive security tests on security products and coding to identify vulnerabilities (zero days) or backdoors.

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