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Welcome to the September edition of BTB with our focus on the rapidly changing workplace shaped by new technologies and attitudes around where and how to be productive. Today’s workforce has plenty to offer and greater choices that matches their skills and lifestyle.

The Digitization Effect and the Future of Work

The future of work is a blend of technology and social drivers that are creating new conditions for a radical rethink of what work means. This will affect all aspects of work from the purpose and outcomes to the type of work we do, and how we organize it.

The Digital Workplace—IT’s Biggest Challenge?

A successful digital workplace is not only a means of attracting talent it also maximizes the creative potential of the workforce and enables new ways of working that deliver better business outcomes. It will be a significant source of competitive advantage.

Embracing the Future World of Work

Key elements to the future of work include an agile workforce that is able to adapt quickly to change; an in depth skill set, specifically looking at new ways of training and evolving our people; and ensuring that we engage and inspire the workforce of the future.

The Digital Talent Gap – Developing Skills for Today’s Digital Organization

The war for talent has gone digital, and the shortage of digital skills in the marketplace is unprecedented. The use of mobile, social, and analytical tools is permeating the length and breadth of every function across the organization.

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