In recent times there have been several interesting announcements in our automotive world: Bosch renamed its automotive division to be called “Mobility Solutions”; Ford stated it was transforming itself into an “automotive and mobility company”; and two global tire companies announced that they were building sensors into their tires so that they could track them over their working life, and not just at the point of initial sale. OEMs seem more interested in attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or the Mobility show in Barcelona, rather than the Detroit or Geneva Auto  shows which immediately follow each of them. And Tier 1 suppliers are informing us that every product will have embedded intelligence before too long. If this is the case, then the amounts of data produced, and the potential for intelligent insights derived from this data, grow exponentially.

At Capgemini we have already seen the results of some of this manufacturing intelligence with some of our more adventurous clients, albeit often today leveraging PLC and SCADA information rather than using a web browser.