Why use the Accelerated Solutions Environment?

Accelerate delivery, drive a culture of innovation, and achieve an unprecedented level of alignment with Capgemini’s flagship Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) collaboration services.


critical business decisions 
in hours and days

achieving stakeholder

Creating ownership
that makes
change happen

mitigating risks early

Solving problems
you deemed


in your decisions


Why use the ASE?

Alignment and Ownership

Rapidly align and mobilize large teams in a matter of days. Empower multiple stakeholders to understand and design the change that they will deliver collectively.


Make decisions in hours and days, rather than months and years in a knowledge-rich collaboration environment that ensures long-term success.

Identify and Reduce Risk

Understand and surface risks early, generate broad commitment to implementing solutions that overcome organizational, cultural, and political barriers.

Our experience translates into your acceleration

We have the strongest experience in collaboration anywhere in the market, delivering more than 6,000 events for over 1,000 clients spanning more than 50% of the Fortune 100.

I have spent more than $100 million on consultants in my career, and I have never received more value for my money as I have in the last three days.

Chief Procurement Officer, Global Energy Company

Learn how we can bring unparalleled productivity to your team.

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