Airbus takes off with ASE methodologies


By embedding an Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) Acceleration Zone (AZ), aircraft manufacturer Airbus shaved a year off a three year project, delivered the same level of quality, and created new methods for work and a new culture of collaboration.


Airbus 350

Airbus faced complex process reengineering challenges involving large numbers of people over an extended project lifecycle. The Product Delivery Team had to develop a complete suite of new tools and services to enable thousands of Airbus engineers and subcontractors to design the future A350XWB in less than three years. To control costs and speed up their time to market they needed a new mindset and methods for ongoing collaboration. 


ASE Acceleration Zone drove a culture of collaboration

Turning to the ASE, Capgemini created an on-site Airbus Acceleration Zone. The AZ combined two primary elements: a dedicated creative environment at an Airbus project site and specialized facilitation support leveraging practical techniques and ASE methods. The Acceleration Zone was used for the duration of the project to increase collective issues resolution in the moment, to pass key stages, and to drive convergence between key people around collective decisions and actions.


Mobilize people and achieve results you thought impossible

Airbus chose Capgemini’s ASE for our expertise in mobilizing large groups of people and transforming the way people work. Our time-tested methods and experience with thousands of enterprises enabled Airbus to rapidly embed collaborative interaction into the fabric of an enormously complex project. Over the length of the project, the ASE Acceleration Zone represented 1.5% of total project cost and enabled the Airbus project team to shave a year off the project timeline.


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