Optimize Your Operations

Capgemini Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Monitoring Logistics Solution on Azure Cloud

Watson, William

Intel® Connected Logistics Platform Hosted on Microsoft Azure: A Capgemini Integrated End-to-End Shipping Solution

Retailers and Shoppers, meet your future Personalized Voice Assistant (PVA)

Capgemini Personalized Voice Assistants (PVAs) use artificial intelligence to process natural language, search product catalog information, and review any relevant external editorial publications in order to provide on-point recommendations.

Employee Experience

Connected Employee Experience

A fantastic employee experience is everything. Make sure it’s everywhere.

cloud infrastructure services

Connected Employee

Vijayalakshmi, K

Use cognitive computing, analytics, and automation to build employee engagement and collaboration.

cloud infrastructure services

Connected Office

Vijayalakshmi, K

Give your employees smarter, easier, more efficient ways to interact with your office environment

Digital operations

Digital Learning Operations

Chantelle Brandt Larsen

Many businesses face seemingly unresolvable skills shortages. Deepening misalignment between the labour market and skills’ requirements, combined with a prolonged amount of time to train employees to a satisfactory level of proficiency, means that many businesses are constantly struggling to maintain a baseline level of skills competency.


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