Gain Advantage with IT Applications

digital customer experienceinsurancesharing economy

How the sharing economy is changing the insurance industry

Ian Campos
Insurance products for the sharing economy will require insurers to transform their business processes, operations and communication across the policy value chain.
energy renewables Wemo

A promising outlook for renewable energy

There is a tremendous potential of leveraging digital transformation for renewables—WEMO, 2017.

agile Innovation sap

Agile means profitable

A Capgemini ad asks the question: “What good is an ERP solution if it doesn’t increase profitability?” The answer is: “Not very good, and also not very agile.”

digital customer experience odigo

Interconnectedness—the solution to its own problem

Joined-up thinking in an increasingly joined-up world.

Artificial IntelligenceDigital healthHealthcareMachine Learning

AI and the healthcare ecosystem—why use Artificial Intelligence

Robert Eubanks
AI is increasingly being used to augment human capabilities and automate repeatable processes. The technology has the potential to do many tasks that humans do and, potentially, do them just as well (or better), faster, and cheaper.
Customer ExperienceDCXHybrissap

Customer centricity: five rules for success

Frank Wammes
Customer centricity is about focusing on the customer; designing a compelling and engaging omni-channel experience by designing connected customer journeys as well as an extraordinary user experience across channels and touchpoints.
analyticsbpobusiness services

The Democratization of Analytics

Divya Kumar
There was a time when analytics meant implementing a huge Business Intelligence (BI) system, spending a lot of money and landing up with a project that would run into several years. Naturally, a wide chasm emerged between the “haves” and “have-nots”.

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