Digital Transformation


Innovation in retail | IoT and data from devices as an integral part of your transformation strategy

Sicco Maathuis

Enterprises that focus on scaling will have to take a long hard look at their digital transformation programs to ensure that the IoT and data from devices constitute an integral part of their transformation strategy

How are virtual assistants affecting the customer experience?

AI-powered virtual assistant technology is still evolving. One possible future application, according to another leader, comes from researching how smart devices can assist people with physical or cognitive impairments

Innovation in Retail | AI creates a rich, hyper-personalized shopping experience

Today, online retailers are better able to offer personalized products and offers using data analytics and artificial intelligence. Algorithms are a very suitable way to create a rich, hyper-personalized shopping experience

Adapt, assess, and align: 3-A approach for successful insurer-InsurTech collaboration

To ease challenges, established insurers can employ a structured methodology to InsurTech collaboration. The World Insurance Report 2018 suggests a strategic 3-A approach: Adapt, Assess, and Align.


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