Passionate people are Capgemini’s Ace of spades. As graduates join us from across the globe for a variety of functions and roles, they bring new expertise with them. And it is their passion for technology and building solutions that helps us excel in what we do.

For most new graduates entering the workforce, it can be overwhelming at times. You’re probably keen to apply the knowledge you gained from university, but may be a bit apprehensive of the route your career will take. Will the company you work for be a good fit for you? What type of learning opportunities will you have to stay relevant in the future? Will your passion find its purpose?

Gradathon is designed to help you find these answers through interactive sessions with graduates who have recently joined us. They will share their experiences and insights on how you can #LoveYourCareer with Capgemini and excel in what you do through the opportunities we provide. Whether you have just entered university or are pursuing your next move after higher education, Gradathon will help you understand how our graduates collaborate, learn, function and contribute to Capgemini’s global goals.

Follow #Gradathon on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where our graduates will share stories of ‘a day in the life with Capgemini’ and other information to give you an idea as to how you can find purpose in your passion and #LoveYourCareer with us.

A glimpse into one of our student events in France:

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