Capgemini is committed to minimising the impact that our business activities and those of our suppliers have on the environment.

We conduct our relationships with suppliers on a fair and ethical basis, maintaining the highest possible standard of integrity in all business relationships. Capgemini Group’s publication ‘Our Ethics for You’ sets down our fundamental values.

What we expect from our suppliers

We expect our suppliers to conduct their relationship with us, and with our clients, partners and other suppliers, in compliance with our Core Principles of Sustainable Procurement. These principles apply to both the suppliers’ own activities and those of their subcontractors. We expect our suppliers to maintain the highest standard of integrity in all business relationships.

Contractors and suppliers’ staff are expected to work to the same ethics and sustainability standards as our own employees. We also treat contractors and suppliers with the same standards regarding diversity and health & safety as we would our own employees.

Our way of working has implications and brings opportunities for our suppliers. For example, we expect our suppliers and their subcontractors to help us meet our environmental targets, and where appropriate, to participate in our people and community activities.

Supporting our environmental targets

In every procurement transaction, we will be looking to our supply chain to identify products and services that help us achieve our environmental targets, which include:

  • Using more recycled products, or products with a high recycled content
  • Improving efficiency in the use of finite or scarce resources (such as energy, water, raw materials)
  • Reducing our energy consumption and ensuring energy efficiency
  • Minimising transportation and logistics activity, particularly wasted journeys
  • Reducing travel
  • Reducing waste and ensuring its proper disposal
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Minimising other environmental impacts such as noise, water and ground pollution
  • Where appropriate, our supplier and product selection procedures consider whole life costs